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Written by Satoru Shinagawa   
Aug 30, 2010 at 12:00 AM




You can use "Memorise" to help you memorise vocab. and kanji. Click here to go.

Interactive Lectures have been added. Click here to go.

I made vocabulary flashcards for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad.  Go here for information.

I added sound files for some activites for Nakama 2 (revised version). Please make the best use. Click here to go.

All kanji stroke order files for the revised Nakama 2 has been completed. Click here to go.  

I made practice pages to type Japaense little ago. And I made some changes. Please go here . Use the same user ID and the password described below.

  • Sound files for L. 1 "Reading Hiragana" have been added. Also sound files and English meaning for L. 1 Expressions are added. Click here to go.
  • Reading Helper has been added with cooperation of Prof. Yoshiko Kawamura. Click here to go.


Click here to go to the Interactive Exercise Pages if your Nakama is the Revised Edition (3rd ed).

Click here to go to the Interactive Exercise Pages if your Nakama is the original 1998 Edition.

Use the following User ID and Password

User ID: guest

Password: guest

Kanji Exercises for other chapters are accessible from each Lesson Exercise page.

Google Analytics has been added.


This whole site is made and managed by Satoru Shinagawa .



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